Friday, January 25, 2013

History News of Note: Civil War Letters

This from the Boston Globe, "The Civil War, One Day, One Letter, at a Time," by Kevin Hartnett, January 23, 2013:

To mark the Civil War sesquicentennial, the University of North Carolina's Louis Round Wilson Special Collections Library is publishing one piece of Civil War-era correspondence a day, 150 years to the day after it was written.

The commemoration began on April 21, 2011 with a diary entry from April 21, 1861. In a few short paragraphs, Sarah Louis Wadley of Louisiana wrote about the secession of Virginia, the tragic death of a local timber worker (crushed beneath a tree limb), and her gratitude about being removed from the growing conflict:

"truly it is a blessing to be allowed to spend our life in those quiet shades, especially during such troublous times as these, bitter indeed must be that spirit which away from the haunts of men with the never ceasing hymn of the forest swelling, and softening around, is not soothed out of all but the rememberance of sorrow.">>>

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