Monday, April 9, 2012

April Issue of Historically Speaking

Randall Stephens

The April 2012 issue of Historically Speaking should arrive in mail boxes in the next couple of weeks. Readers will find plenty to enjoy in this one. It includes essays on political and religious history, interviews with Jeremy Black and David Hempton (the latter recently named the new dean of Harvard Divinity School), and a forum on American Revolutionary Era history. I'll post excerpts with links when the issue is available on Project Muse.

Not a subscriber? Have a look at this free sample issue from last year.

Historically Speaking (April 2012)

"The Roots of Democratic Self Government"
James Muldoon

"The Church in the Long Eighteenth Century: An Interview with David Hempton"
Conducted by Donald A. Yerxa

Bridging the Gap between the Political and the Cultural Histories of the American Revolution: A Forum

"Rethinking the American Revolution: Politics and the Symbolic Foundations of Reality"
Michal Jan Rozbicki

"An Infatuation with Titles: Hereditary Privilege and Liberty in the Ear of the American Revolution"
Trevor Burnard

"A New History of Liberty"
Peter S. Onuf

"Scraping Rust from the Rebar of Early American History"
Alan Tully

"Conceptual Bridges and Antibodies: A Response"
Michal Jan Rozbicki

"'Responsible to God and Not to Man': Lottie Moon and Southern History"
Regina D. Sullivan

"Kennan’s Boswell? A Review Essay"
William Stueck

"Challenging Historiographical Orthodoxy Many Times Over: An Interview with Jeremy Black"
Conducted by Donald A. Yerxa

"If Not Progress, What?"
Glenn W. Olsen

"Three Muslim Empires"
Stephen Dale

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