Friday, April 27, 2012

American History TV at the OAH

Randall Stephens

Readers might be interested in the latest from C-Span's American History TV. On C-Span 3, the program offers "event coverage, eyewitness accounts, and discussions with authors, historians and teachers. Click here to learn more about American History TV."  Here are selections from the show's Organization of American Historians conference coverage:

History of Birth Control - NYU Historian Linda Gordon at OAH in Milwaukee

History of Beer & Spirits: Backstory with the American History Guys in Milwaukee

History of Beer and Spirits: Backstory with the American History Guys in Milwaukee

See more OAH interviews here.

And speaking of interviews and C-Span, our very own blogger, Philip White, recently appeared on BookTV to speak about his new book, Our Supreme Task: How Winston Churchill's Iron Curtain Speech Defined the Cold War Alliance.


Dan Allosso said...

Cool! It was fun watching Linda Gordon talk about birth control, since I've read her books. Just to add a specific name to what she said about the beginning of the repression of birth control info in America (because I'm busy writing his biography), Dr. Charles Knowlton of Ashfield Mass was jailed in East Cambridge for three months for distributing his "little book," The Fruits of Philosophy in 1833. You can see the first edition at my site,

Randall said...

Dan: That's interesting about Knowlton. Must be enjoyable research.