Friday, March 2, 2012

"The Past . . . It's Here": NYPL Trailer

Randall Stephens

Ah . . . the adventures of the archives. The thrill of the dusty old book hunt. The joy of finding that seldom-seen document. Have a look at this fun video that the NYPL has put out there to capture the wonderful world of research. (H/t to Susan Watkins, director of ENC's Nease Library.)

Some background from the good people at the NYPL:

Here in the Milstein Division we are very excited to finally show off our movie trailer-style promo video that debuted this week on YouTube. We loved some of the videos that other divisions and branches of the library were making, especially Jefferson Market’s Haunted Library, so we knew that we had to make our own. After writing a script, we contacted some great people in the film and television industry that were willing to help us out.

Our hero, played by actor Ronan Babbitt, uses several library resources to help him discover his family secrets. We first see him receive library materials from our page, Sarah, which means that he filled in a call slip after consulting the library catalog. Our hero then flips through the card catalog drawers. Since we no longer use the old card catalog drawers for our books, what you will find here are three sets of indexes: one for coats of arms, one for images of passenger ships, and one of New York City illustrations.>>>

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