Sunday, October 10, 2010

Reviews for Historians in Conversation Volumes

Randall Stephens

The October 2010 issue of History and Theory includes short reviews of Recent Themes in the History of Science and Religion, ed. Donald A. Yerxa; and Recent Themes in American Religious History, ed. Randall J. Stephens. Both are part of the University of South Carolina Press's Historians in Conversation series, which draws on essays that have appeared in Historically Speaking over the last few years. Each of the eight volumes includes an introduction that contextualizes the subfield and offers some insight into new directions.

"[T]he contributors to" the Science and Religion volume, writes the reviewer, "seek to broach the big questions at stake in ongoing efforts to fathom the historical interface of science and religion—two of the most important ways of knowing our world—to better our understanding of how both have shaped the course of history and the direction of modern thinking. Designed as a supplemental reader for students of scientific and religious history, this volume will appeal as well to general readers with avid interests in history."

Recent Themes in American Religious, says a reviewer, contains a "collection of essays and interviews from Historically Speaking address several subjects central to religious history in the Unites States. . . . Recent Themes in American Religious History will appeal to students, scholars, and general readers of American history, American studies, and religious studies."

With a minimum of a $50 donation to the Historical Society you can choose two volumes of the eight to receive for free.

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