Monday, August 30, 2010

September issue of Historically Speaking

Randall Stephens

The September issue of Historically Speaking will be posted on Project Muse around the 15th. Before then, I thought readers might like to have a heads up on the content. This issue contains a forum on the neglected field of naval history; interviews with historians on psychology, military, and political topics; reviews essays; and articles on the South in recent history, Australian hucksters in the 19th century, and more.

I will be posting some excerpts from the September issue in the coming weeks. (Links to the full essays will be provided.)

Historically Speaking 11:4 (September 2006)

A Swindler’s Guide to the British Empire
Kirsten McKenzie

The Necessary South
James Cobb

The Neglected Field of Naval History? A Forum

Naval History: Division or Dialogue?
Andrew D. Lambert

The State of Naval History
John Beeler

Response to Andrew Lambert
Barry Strauss

The State of American Naval History in 2010
John B. Hattendorf

Andrew D. Lambert

Remembering Nelson: A Review Essay
Donald A. Yerxa

Montesquieu, the Modern West, and Democracy’s Drift: An Interview with Paul A. Rahe
Conducted by Joseph S. Lucas

A Review of Paul A. Rahe’s Against Throne and Altar
John Dunn

Revisiting World War I: The Last Day of the Somme
William Philpott

Bloody Victory at the Somme: An Interview with William Philpott
Conducted by Donald A. Yerxa

The Myths of Gallipoli
Robin Prior

The Fall of 1941: A Meditation on History
Manfred Weidhorn

Erich Fromm and the Public Intellectual in Recent American History: An Interview with Larry Friedman
Conducted by Randall Stephens

From Custer’s Last Stand to Wounded Knee: A Review Essay
Paul Harvey

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