Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Issue of the Journal of the Historical Society

The September issue of the Journal of the Historical Society has hit the streets/shelves. Copies are available from Wiley. Subscribe to THS and receive four issues/year plus five issues of Historically Speaking. This new issue of the journal includes a forum on Vernon Burton's The Age of Lincoln, along with essays on abolitionism, Christian missions, and the history of medicine.

The Journal of the Historical Society, September 2009

"Introduction to the Forum on The Age of Lincoln"
Eric Arnesen

"Vernon Burton's The Age of Lincoln: A New Approach to Religion, Reform, and Abolitionism"
Bertram Wyatt-Brown

"'I Always Thought 'Dixie' One of the Best Tunes I Ever Heard': Lincoln's Claims on the South and the South's Claims on Lincoln"
Stephen Berry

"The Southern Abraham?"
David Moltke-Hansen

"Author's Response to the Southern Intellectual History Circle Forum on The Age of Lincoln"
Orville Vernon Burton

"Confronting Abolitionism: Bishop John England, American Catholicism, and Slavery"
Adam L. Tate

"They Twain Shall be One Flesh: The Courtship and Marriage of Thomas Hudson and Mary Aulick, Baptist Missionaries to China in the 1890s"
Keith Harper

"Reticence in Action: The Antisepsis Controversy"
Stewart Justman

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