Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Issue of the Journal of the Historical Society

Randall Stephens

The new issue of the Journal of the Historical Society has been out for a couple weeks. Editor George Huppert and managing editor Scott Hovey continue to publish high quality, accessible essays with distinctly international/transnational themes. Full versions of the essays can be read at the Wiley site. If you can't access material at Wiley, download some featured essays here.

The Journal of the Historical Society, Volume 9 Issue 2 (June 2009)

"On Primo Levi, Richard Serra, and the Concept of History"
Johan Åhr

"Modernization, Socialism, and Higher Education in Mexico: The Instituto para Hijos de Trabajadores"
Ana María Kapelusz-Poppi

"A Modern Monarch: Dom Pedro II's Visit to the United States in 1876"
Teresa Cribelli

"Havana During the Nineteenth Century: A Perspective from Its Spanish Immigrants"
Translated by Franklin W. Knight
Rosario Márquez Macías

"'French' Immigrants in Naples, 1806–1860"
Marco Rovinello

The September issue of the journal will include essays by Keith Harper on Baptist missionaries in love; Stewart Justman on antisepsis and Victorian reticence; Adam L. Tate on Bishop John England, abolitionism, and Catholicism in the American South; and a forum on The Age of Lincoln, by Orville Vernon Burton with Eric Arnesen, Bertram Wyatt-Brown, Stephen Berry, David Moltke-Hansen.

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